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I-Blood is a social blood networking platform which is solely dedicated to save human lives. This network facilitates anyone, who needs blood, by providing an extensive source of blood donor in Bangladesh as well as in abroad. The most significant objective of this network is to build a strong connection among the people through out the world and to know their friends by blood group. The necessity and importance of blood needs no explanation and specially to those who have gone through the ordeal of frantic blood searching for his/her near and dear one in emergency. This vast and updated network will cut the trouble to a great extent and only few clicks will be enough to find the necessary and desired blood group. For that one has to create an account on I-Blood which is completely free and has to explore for further activities.

I-Blood started its journey from Presidency University Campus four (04) years ago. Few energetic, dedicated and enthusiastic students started this quest with an intention to do welfare to the humankind. The main idea is developed by Rayhan Chowdhury and later it inspired his fellow classmates to give this benevolent effort a complete structure. I-Blood started serving the Presidency family first and served about one and half year. During this time it also served patients outside Presidency University. Initially it launched its website at that time, however, it went down due to some unavoidable circumstances and on 2nd August, 2009 it launched its beta version and running with full throttle. The internal structure is more organized than before and people are joining this network to be a part of this noble activity.

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