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A common place to request for blood. If you have enough time (a week or more) left then you may try posting your blood request here. For emergency blood needs, try searching your I-Blood friend network.

Md. Al amin I need AB+ blood 3 bags. Plz help me.
Narayanganj city.
Contact with me : 01679187590
Md. Ashraf Ali Urgent needed of blood group O+ in Ahsania Cancer Hospital, Mirpur-13.please contact brother needed blood emergency. please help us...
Majharul Contact With Me 01737322768
on 10/7/16
Habib Urgent needed of blood group A- in Dhaka.please contact uncle needed blood emergency. please help us...
Mahmudul hassan adnan Urgent need of blood group B+ in saudi arab jeddah.. contact (8801521331789).. my father need blood immidietly.. i am in dhaka
moinul hassan chowdhury URGENT NEED OF BLOOD AB- (DHAKA). PLEASE CONTACT-01556325437.
MD. SHALAHUDDIN I need 1 bag b+ blood in 26/12/2015.please call me:01727215952 in MYMENSINGH
shagor I need urgently o+ 4 bag blood please call me : 01719841763 In Sylhet
Adarsh need AB+ blood urgently for a child on 22/10/2015. contact:- 9851152094, Kathmandu, Nepal
Golam Rasul I needed B+ tive Blood on 07/11/2015 for cesarean at Savar Prime Hospital cont- 01672229654
G M Ferdous Need O+ for child who have blood cancer at PG Hospital
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