Dear All,

I-Blood, the social network of Blood, is proud to announce that we are getting remarkable response from the community. We are receiving blood requests from people everyday. Many of our donors are impressively active and responding to blood donation requests quite enthusiastically. However, we have noticed that some of the members are indolent about updating their blood donation history. I-Blood earnestly requests you all to update your donation history and other contact information the soonest it changes. Please do remember that the history encourages and inspires others to donate blood. This newsletter will focus on how you can use I-Blood effectively to get safe blood, no matter wherever you are.

Why Safe Source of Blood?

We all know that we may need blood anytime. In emergency Blood Banks cannot always provide sufficient and desired blood. In some countries professional donors are donating blood but there is no guarantee of safe blood as the hosts may be addicted to drug which is almost a common phenomenon in some of the countries. These donors may cause blood related diseases amongst which Hepatitis variants are common. To avoid these blood related infections we believe in Safe Source of Blood.

The word “safe” denotes to secure source of blood as well, to be precise, the assurance of blood source in time of emergency. I-Blood surely provides a number of donors from all around the world but it does not guarantee instant blood supply unless one makes his/her own blood network and this is because of the privacy policy of I-Blood. So this is very important for one to build his/her blood network and make the source safe.

What is Safe Source of Blood?

Safe Source of Blood is the network of people you know most around you which incorporates family members, relatives, friends, colleagues and well-wishers. The moment all these people will be in your contact list and in your network your source of blood is safe. So the larger your network and contact list is the safer your blood source will be.

As mentioned before it is very important to update the donation history and basic information, being connected with one’s network uphold the same importance as it provides information about donor’s health condition, habits, disease etc. To make the source of blood safe it is essential to be informed about the donor’s condition as only they may become vital during your crisis.

How to Build Your Safe Source Blood:

It needs only few steps to build your Safe Source of Blood, just be patient and follow the guidelines bellow:

- build your profile on I-Blood first and update your location tags.
- list 20 people you know most who are capable of donating blood
- get their phone and email address
- log on to I-Blood and invite them all using I-Blood "Invite friend" features on your member area.
- You can also send invitation by importing contacts from your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL contact lists.
- Follow your invitation with phone call and remind them until they get registered on I-Blood
- If necessary guide them on becoming a member of I-Blood
- Follow these steps again until all of your friends are in your Blood Network.

We hope now you know how I-Blood can be helpful for you and your family. Spread the word and let us all have a safe life where nobody will die for blood.

Thanks for your patience. I-Blood will seek for your full co-operation to continue this noble activity.

The I-Blood Team